Pragya Neupane

Published On: July 27, 2017 01:16 PM NPT By: Pragya Neupane

What Love Looks Like

I see love after a long while
It has changed its shape now
It looks different from
What I thought it’d feel like

It is the exact opposite
Of what I’d expected,
It doesn’t smell of
Roses and daisies

It has a taste of yesterday’s alcohol
Mixed with cigarettes
Every time I kiss it
I long to touch more

More of its cracked lips, frizzy hair, untamed beard
I crave for its fingers
Running into my hair
That sweeps it at the edge of my neck
And leaves a peck
On my bare skin.

This time,
Love feels real
It isn’t here with a bag
Full of fake promises
And false hopes.

It is raw just as my feelings are
When I am with love
My feelings this time
They’ve come through a different route
Without passing through the lane
Of any regrets or memories

And my words lie here
Unable to fathom
How beautiful it is
To unravel love every day
To listen a new story each day
Like I’d always been a part of it

To wake up with the hangover
Of its thoughts within me
To let go of the excruciating reality
When I’m nestled in its arms,
And for a moment everything seems to freeze
And it’s just love and me.

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