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Published On: May 11, 2019 08:05 PM NPT By: Republica

Week display of world’s most expensive smart phone

Week display of world’s most expensive smart phone

Recently, Samsung initiated a technology revolution after releasing world’s first foldable Smartphone, ‘Galaxy Fold’. The device is the first Smartphone with folding display character and its price is slated to USD 2,000. The phone can be used both as a tablet and as android by folding its screen. The phone has a small vertical wavy projection at the midpoint of the screen, which is said to be the weakest part of the phone.

The problem was detected on phones that Samsung had send for reviews. Phones sent to the verge for review was damaged in a day. A long white vertical line was formed at the middle of the screen on those phones.

Likewise, twitter user Steve Kovach shared a video showing how his half screen turned white after using the equipment just for a day.  Similarly, the display of twitter user Mark Gurman’s device has been ruined. This happened when Gurman tried to remove the screen protection, which was initially attached to the screen.

The same problem replicated on famous Youtuber, Marques Brownee’s Samsung device as well. His entire displayed was gone while he tried removing the screen protection layer. The layer is not just a protector; instead it’s a part of screen. As it looks like a protector and Samsung had not informed about it, numerous people damaged their phones by removing it.

After having learnt about the problem, Samsung has released official statement. Samsung has urged on investigating on the problem. They have also committed to providing a proper user’s guide will be available in every Galaxy Fold.


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