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Published On: May 23, 2019 09:05 AM NPT By: Moin Uddin

We are programmed

We are programmed

It's a truth that we are programmed

Whatever we think, act or react everything is set accordingly

The thoughts and words that we seem are ours, in reality, it isn't

We are doomed and will be doomed and that's how it worked and will be working

Life of ours is trapped and will be handled by the software that others have installed on us within

Think of it in this way

A new computer which is ready for work needs an operating system of any kind

It works as per the values which that software has

And will work accordingly to the commands and rules which its creators have powered on it

Oh the computer has the option before but now it works and processes as per the values it has run with it.

We humans are similar

We are born as a new product

And since the day we are born software like religion, customs, society and cultures govern us

We grow up thinking, working, playing, reading, writing, talking, downloading and installing accepting everything is fine and best whereas others are just against us

Oh we assume ourselves as a best and everything is right of us except others

It's said that we humans are rationalized beings but I say we aren't

We never had the ability to think of our own and will never be

As we are already programmed and anything we say or do will be the results of what we have downloaded and installed within

Though it seems like yours but the thoughts, words and actions you perform are not your own

It's the software, values and algorithm that governed you is showcased as a result of what others have installed on you as your known.


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