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Watermelon pizzas, soup and salads: Try non-boring ways to eat the fruit!

Watermelon pizzas, soup and salads: Try non-boring ways to eat the fruit!

If this is something you love to do in summer, you’re not alone! We're talking of biting into juicy chunks of watermelon, the chilled fruit satiating your thirst as you cool down. Watermelon is a hot fave and with the weather continuing to stay humid and hot, there’s every reason to tuck into it. But there are more ways to enjoy the red, pulpy fruit than just having it plain! Here are a few ideas....

Watermelon salad

Here’s a quick pick-me-up snack. Slice up some watermelon and add it to a bowl with mint leaves and lemon slices. You can also add feta cheese and avocado to it.

Watermelon fruit-zza

Kids are sure to love this ‘healthy’ pizza with a bunch of versatile toppings. Cut the watermelon into triangular slices. Crumble feta cheese over it with a few mint leaves and serve. To make a variation, mix some cream cheese with honey, cut almonds and olives and add that on top. Or, mix pumpkin seeds and mango into the yoghurt as a topping.

Tomato-water melon gazpacho

A chilled gazpacho is just the thing you need on a hot day. To make it, blend watermelon with tomatoes, cucumber, red bell pepper, spring onion, basil leaves and some, garlic salt and pepper. Strain the mixture and serve chilled.

Watermelon popsicle

Here’s a refreshing low-fat treat that kids and adults will love. It’s also simple to make. Just cut the watermelon into smaller pieces, blend it with a little honey and chia seeds. Add a squeeze of lime to the mix. Pour this into popsicle moulds and freeze. Once it is a little set, add the sticks and re-freeze. Pop them out and enjoy once done.

Watermelon smoothie

Here's a creamy and healthy way to have the fruit. Go for a smoothie! To make it, cut watermelon into chunks. Add this with some milk (can also use almond or coconut milk) as well as a date, half a banana and soaked sabza seeds. You can also add mango or frozen strawberries instead of banana or dates. Give it a quick blend with ice cubes and serve.


Restores electrolytes, cools the mind: Macrobiotic expert Deepti Sehgal

Watermelon packs a bunch of benefits. Deepti Sehgal, a macrobiotic nutritionist who’s also educated in raw foods and living foods philosophy and the Alkaline Diet theory, says, “Going by the ayurveda and macrobiotic understanding of the energy prevailing in the environment in summers, it is heating and drying weather outside and we need foods with opposite energies to get us back to balance. Thus, importance of having juicy, cooling and hydrating foods cannot be underestimated in summers. Scientifically, the biochemical understanding of this idea of energy is justified with heat making us lose electrolytes, inner fluids and essential minerals through sweat and thus, we need a constant supply of foods high in juiciness, hydration, minerals, electrolytes, cooling effect. And what better than watermelons!”

She shares its key benefits
- Watermelon comes packed with about 92% hydration. It is rich in electrolytes specially potassium, that makes for a great rejuvenator during hot days.
- The potassium in watermelon also helps cool the mind, suppressing feelings of anxiety and irritability which are typical traits of too much heat in the body.
- For dried internal fluids that show up as dry skin externally, watermelon is a boon as it hydrates the cells to bring lustre and moisture back on the skin.
- It also helps prevent further skin damage due to its high antioxidant content.
- Magnesium present in watermelon keeps the nerves relaxed and energy production smooth.
- Watermelons are high on alkalinity that helps curb the acidic body environment.
Watch out, don’t overeat!
Deepti adds, “The best way to consume watermelon is empty stomach as the digestive juices needed to digest the watermelon must not interfere with other nutrients from different foods for best digestion. Have it early in the morning or as a mid-meal. Combining watermelon juice with the additional coolness of mint makes it a perfect summer juice blend. As a caution, do not eat watermelon in excess or as a dessert, but eat it alone and be careful if your blood sugar levels are constantly high.”

Avoid eating the fruit at night.

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