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The writer is a grade IX student at LRI School, in Kalikasthan, Kathmandu.

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Published On: November 20, 2017 09:38 AM NPT By: Sambida Wagle

Vehicle-free Thamel

Vehicle-free Thamel

KATHMANDU, Nov 20: Nepal falls in the division of the least-developed countries (LDC) in the world. It cannot afford the level of facilities that most of the developedones can. That might be a reason for which foreigners don’t come to Nepal much for study purposes. Most of them visit Nepal for travelogue. Nearly eight lakhtourists visit Nepal every year.

Kathmandu, the capital city,despite being rich in cultural heritages, is compelled to lose its impression over the tourists because of pollution. Keeping this in mind, the government of Nepal announced one of the most, if not the most important tourist attraction in the city, Thamel, to be vehicle free from October 22, 2017.

Last week, I visited Thamel with my mother. I was surprised to see the new look of Thamel. Tourists also seemed to be quite happy and cozy. The local people of Thamel, the visitors as well as the shopkeepers also seemed cheerful. By announcing Thamel as a ‘no go zone for vehicles’,it has minimized tensions and maintained proper trail paths for the passerby people.

Thamel used to be loaded with pollution. Tourists obviously would prefer a peaceful and clean environment.

And I have been hearing that plans are taking shape to make the other crowded places likeAsan, Indrachowk, Bhotahity vehicle free as well. This can make the Nepali citizens as well as other foreigners easy to walk through the roads. There won’t be excessive crowds and unnecessary disturbance. By making the country’s environment, tourismin the country will certainlygain better performance.

It’s better to work for the success instead of killing time keeping higher expectations. Nothing can happen in one big finger snap. And it’squite a remarkable approach for the country’s development, as this effort can inspire a greater area. If the country makesappropriate plans and implementations, I can visualize Nepal being one of the best tourist destinations in the world as well as in the section of the better developed countries soon not too far in time.

Sambida is a Grade IX student at LRI HSS.

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