Bipin Khadka

Published On: November 17, 2018 09:56 AM NPT By: Bipin Khadka

Unspoken words of mine

Unspoken words of mine

A dark night I was trying to sleep
But when I close my eyes
I see your beautiful face
I try to forget you
But you come over again

Is that my weakness??
Or the power of your love?
I want to see through my inner heart
But I saw you in my dream 
Which I am dilemma for your love

My heart tells me one thing
But my eyes speak something else
It is past mid night I am trying hard to sleep
I need you hug to end this sadness

I believe I will wait you till eternity
I believe you will be mine
I would say it all loud and proud that I love you
I hope you hear the unspoken words of mine

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