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Two-ingredient drink to stay protected from cough and cold this monsoon!

Two-ingredient drink to stay protected from cough and cold this monsoon!

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As much as we all love the rains, we fear catching a cold, cough or fever which come with the change in the season. With monsoons, viral and bacterial infections also spike up, which make us even more susceptible to illnesses as our immunity levels go down.

So, what is your best bet to stay safe and boost your immunity naturally this season? It is onion water!

While this may seem a little off, onion has many more uses than simply flavoring up the dishes. A concoction made out of onions pre-soaked in water can act as a wonderful way to recharge your body and keep you safe from viral illnesses this rainy season. It is also an excellent way to weed out any chances of catching a cold, cough or such major infections.

How to make it
-Take one onion. Chop it nicely into small, fine pieces.

-Fill a small bowl with some water.

-Into this, add the onion pieces and soak it for up to 6-8 hours.

Once ready, you can have 2-3 tablespoons of this concoction twice a day to stay protected. This drink can be given to children as well; however, the dosage should be low. You can add a little honey to this concoction to add to the taste. Honey, in itself, will not just give a kick to the taste but also supplement extra anti-inflammatory properties.

Benefits of the drink
Believe it or not, onions are an extremely nutritious source of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory vitamins which are helpful in beating a bad cold. Red, white or pink, onions come loaded with certain medicinal compounds which are powerful in fighting viral strains.

Some of the most commonly found chemicals in onions are thiosulphates, sulfides, and sulfoxides, which along with their antiviral properties give the veggie its unique pungent taste. The more flavorful onion you pick out, more are the benefits it has to offer.

Onion juice, in particular, contains antimicrobial agents which help in pushing out the phlegm from the nasal passageway. It also clears out toxins from the lungs. All of this together helps boost immunity. This concoction would also keep your hydration in check, which often gets neglected during sickness.

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