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Published On: March 23, 2019 11:15 AM NPT By: Raj Sharma



What lies there in the womb of future? It’s a question we all might have been asking ourselves. It’s a question that humanity has been seeking answers since millennia. Many have predicted it, may it be right or wrong. But do we dare to create it? Do we dare to determine it from our actions that we perform right now, in our present?

We can only make our future tense right when our present tense is right. Environmentalists have been predicting the conditions for our earth 20 or 50 years later. How do you think they do it without any flaws? It is all from our present. It is from our present conditions and actions. So, why can't we take better actions, take necessary measures so our kids and grandkids see the face of the earth as we see it now or maybe even better? Why can't we do that? What keeps us from doing that?

OECD report says that pollution will become the biggest cause of premature death, killing an estimated 3.6 million people a year by 2050. Then if we know this, why don't we take necessary steps to stop this? The main problem is not about doing something, it’s about following it. We are all planning for fuel-efficient vehicles, natural gas vehicles. Of course, it is a very good approach to solve the problem of gas emission. But we all have to ask ourselves, are we ready to accept that, are we ready to use it , are we ready to go for it without trying to find problems within ourselves , are we ready to do that ?

The answer lies in our mindset and how we move on from here. It is not only from the present that we can learn to make our future splendid but equally, it is from the past as well. When we learned, what catastrophe nuclear weapons can cause from the events of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, then why are we pushing ourselves forward to make it. Why are we making the strategic excuse of keeping nuclear weapons saying that we need them for defense purpose but what we do not realize is that our eyes are blindfolded by the advantages of these devastating weapons that we are not able to see its drawbacks that can cause mass destruction?

These are just examples; new ways of destruction of all of humanity will be witnessed when we only let our regretful actions decide the future of mankind but not our adept thoughts. We are hurtling ourselves unprepared in the womb of future knowing what lies there and still, we don't take any steps to make it safe. The events we will witness in the future are nothing but a result of how the fetus of the future grows by our actions. But the question is whether we will really take some sensible actions or just talk about it especially after knowing what lies there in the womb of the future. So how will we shape the womb of future? Will it be the result to destruct whole mankind or a construction of green, clean and safe earth?

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