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Published On: December 9, 2020 05:10 PM NPT By: Republica

The sweet taste of Lakhamari

The sweet taste of Lakhamari


The Newah community is rich in culture and festivities. Lakhamari is one of the most popular sweets used in various religious occasions and celebrations. 

This is one-of-a-kind sweet, which is handmade and has around 15 different types according to its shapes and sizes with the same taste.

Bigger ones are taken during saguns (auspicious gifts) while the smaller ones are usually used during pujas and the smallest ones are consumed as snacks. Joprasad is one type of big Lakhamari that is specially used for marriage supari sets, gifts and other traditional rituals. 

Gulmari is like a lighter and smaller noodle-like version of Lakhamari which is a deep-fried and glazed sweet. It is prepared using rice flour, urad beans flour, clarified butter and sugar.

Moreover, Rajkarnikars from Newah community have been producing these sweets and snacks since a long time as there is no exact pointing as to when it began. These sweet bites are usually available at small traditional Newah sweet stores, which can be bought in kilograms in the open.

Since 2008, Kastamandap Khadya Udhyog has been producing traditional sweets and food items in modern packaged form and is available at various departmental stores and they are exported as well. Anil Das Rajkarnikar is the founder and he is the eighth generation who runs his family business. “Modern packaging has helped a lot in our business growth, and packaging has also helped preserve and extend its lifetime.”

During the pandemic, sales of Lakhamari dropped to 50 percent.  


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