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Published On: June 24, 2018 07:07 AM NPT By: Shishir Maharjan

The ride to the unknown

The ride to the unknown

33-year-old Narayan Gopal Maharjan was a screen printer by occupation. He rose to success amidst great struggles. His most notable achievement was the long-awaited victory at this year’s National Championship. For six consecutive years, Narayan Gopal was content in the runner-up position in the national-level event.

For most Nepali athletes, work acknowledgment and proper training is a far-flung dream. Maharjan and his friends Ajay Pandit Chettri, and Rajkumar Shrestha underwent years of hardships and struggle to finally get access to the intensive professional status. 

“We had to wait for months just to get a new chain and sprockets for our bikes. When we first began, we used to cut the sleeves of our t-shirts and make arm-covers out of them. No matter how much we had to go through, the passion for this sport never declined,” said Rajkumar Shrestha whose journey to the world of professional sport started way back in 2007 alongside Narayan Gopal.  

 Narayan Gopal’s close friend Santosh Rai also revealed how they used bicycle wrappers as their head-gear since they couldn’t afford helmets. Those were the times when they rode in jeans and slippers. Santosh further explained Maharjan’s love for the sport, and his perseverance, hard work, discipline, and passion. “We did not only lose our very good friend, but this country lost an excellent rider,” added Santosh.

The death of the aspiring cycling came as a major shock to the entire Nepali sports fraternity. He fell victim to the Mahaweli River on the fourth stage of ‘Rumble in the Jungle’ in Sri Lanka.

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