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Published On: June 19, 2018 09:00 AM NPT By: Republica

The race for fame K-Town celebs on social media

The race for fame K-Town celebs on social media

Social media provides the perfect platforms to interact with the netizens, and nobody does it better than the celebrities. Their influence on the society gives them the opportunity to interact with a large mass of admirers. Before technology invaded the means of communication, most relied on the mainstream media to reach out to their admirers. But now, the digital space has not only given the celebrities the ability to connect with their fans with a click of a button but also has provided the liberty to control their domain.

However, the same celebs are known for having hectic work schedules. So the question stands: how do Nepali celebrities manage to interact? My City’s Aditya Neupane reached out to a few in a quest for the answer. 

Keki Adhikari    
‘Kohalpur Express’ producer, Keki Adhikari currently boasts 870,308 followers on her verified Facebook page,and 248,000 followers on Instagram. Her stats places her as one of the most popular Nepali celebs on social media. In response to my question regarding her schedule, she quipped, “No matter where I am, I always make sure that I post at least once a day, making me seem active on social media.” 

Adhikari is active on Facebook, Twiter, and Instagram. You can find her on as well. She said, “I noticed youngster active in musically, so I decided to give it a try. However, out of all online platforms, Twitter is my favorite as it has text limit.” 

Adhikari acknowledges the importance of social media and also admits that she is obsessed with it. She stated, “Social media is important for me to interact with my fans. I think Social media is very important in modern times and I cannot imagine a single day without social media”

Melina Rai
‘Kutu Ma Kutu’ hitmaker Melina Rai has 269,195 followers on her Facebook account and 119,000 followers on Instagram. In conversation with My City, she revealed that she was obsessed with social media, and added, “It allows me to interact with fans with just a single touch of the screen. I think both mainstream and social media have their own importance, but, social media connects fans and celebs directly, helping develop a mutual relation between the two.” 

She further stated, “I cannot live without social media because it feels like there is something missing in my life.” 

Deepak Bajracharya 
Deepak Bajracharya’s verified Facebook page has 335,165 followers and 7,124 on Instagram. Similarly, he also has 53,116 subscribers on YouTube. Bajracharya believes that social media is a perfect platform to promote his songs. He says, “I am very dependent on social media. I feel suffocated if I have to live without social media for a day.” 

Bajracharya uses various social platforms to minimize the gap between him and his fans. “The last time I was not active on social media for certain period, I got an overwhelming number of messages from my fans. Since then, I started using social media more actively,” he said. 

Deepak Raj Giri 
Deepak Raj Giri flaunts 295,568 followers on his personal Facebook profile, and31, 842 in his fan page. He has 12,200 more followers on Instagram. Social media is a good source to promote his ventures. In the past, like many other media personals, he too depended on mainstream media to promote any of his work.

When asked how he manages to actively engage with his admirers in both real and virtual life, Giri replied, “I am a social media addict. Whenever I am free, I scroll through my feeds. I generally post about the events that I visit and provide personal commentary on political issues, sports, and cinema. 

Giri has Facebook, Instagram and Twiter accounts but he is active on Facebook only. Giri says, “Though I have accounts in different social networking sites, I use Facebook only because it’s really hard to manage different media simultaneously.” 


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