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Published On: November 28, 2018 09:45 AM NPT By: Dipendra Thapa

The philosophy of life

The philosophy of life

Time, according to science, is the gap between two events. It reminded me of things without gaps.

“Who are you? What is your name?” she asked. Despite hearing such questions frequently, I hesitated to answer and was shocked. For first thing is, she knows me very well and the second; she has nothing to do with me and my name. For a while, I thought she was looking for logic in my answer. I didn’t put them though. My answers, as straight as photons, became a joke in which she laughed jerkily showing her bare gums. “Who are you and what is your name, I asked,” she replied. She laughed again, but quite weirdly this time. “Listen! You are not who-you-are-telling. You are no-one except him. “He” is inside you. Meditate on him, feel him, ask him, and try to recognize him. “He” is inside you, so you are listening to me; so you can talk to me; so you can see, eat, drink, and play. You are nothing without him. Can you imagine who you are after “he” deserts you? You are just a flesh in which hawks, dogs, decomposers, and other animals would feed upon. “He” is inside you; “he” is inside all of us, but all couldn’t understand it because of ignorance. One need not travel long distances to seek him, know him and worship him. The entire world is inside you” she said

 “I reckon we all are beggars, although some do not like to reveal it. I dare to say that they are yet ready to understand. You have houses, motors, restaurants, bank balance, friends, family, and relatives. Can you tell me what they will do when you are counting your last breath at the hospital, or in home, or somewhere else? 

Even the king should beg for water, when he is counting his last breath despite possessing everything. Then, tell me, are we beggars or not? All of us  have brought a bag from our birth. We are here to beg and fill up the bag. It’s up to  you: what  to fill and what not to fill in that bag. If you always chant “Money” and run after it then I am sure that you will fill your bag with wrong deeds for money is evil,” as she said.

“Many interrogated, asked, rebuked, and mocked me. I have nothing to say to them because I know that they are yet to know him. I still say, “He” is within all of us. “He” came into this world as a man. “He” wished to come in this world being a goat, snake or a tiger, but feared others could chase and kill him. So he came to this world being a man and stayed inside all of us: animals and plants. “He” is invincible, but that doesn’t mean he will act in the exact way he is.  It is our mistake that we try to ignore him. We worship him and receive “Tika” on our forehead, eating sacred fruit and putting flowers. Yet we try to ignore him,” she said.

 “You shouldn’t believe me. Neither you should remember me, nor should you remember my words. Just remember “He” is there; If “he” is not inside you then “he” is somewhere else. Just don’t say I have bothered you. Yes, that’s enough because time is the thing that will remind you me, my words, and “He”,” as she said.

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