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Published On: October 15, 2019 06:10 PM NPT By: Sharana KC

The known stranger

The known stranger

Sharana KC

The existing but invisible everyone was in a rush to win the race of unknown kind. The dark and gloomy day was scary and the adrenaline rush of driving experience was quite very adventurous.

I, who was in someone else’s body, was anxious to have felt left out by the group, whom I was supposed to keep up with, to win the race, collectively. We were supposed to get to a destination, by crossing the river to win. The river was dark, dirty and very deep. The weak and fragile boat, we hurriedly hopped in carried around six or seven of us. Everyone started to be in motion, trying to sail the boat, despite the challenging weather with the intermittent occurrence of thunder and lightning. I was without the paddle. Somehow I managed, innovatively but hurriedly made paddle by myself. Anxious and little frightened, we started the journey synchronizing with each other’s movement.

I, finally inside my own body, was already into another part of the race. The steep and rough road led to somewhere unknown. With a great desire to win, I was running down the deadly, slippery, muddy path which I hardly cared. I suddenly heard someone’s running footsteps following me in a very hasty manner. I turned back and saw the known stranger’s face, a few inches behind me. Clueless, I was wondering about his presence there.

And there, he, like me who hardly considered the deadly, muddy and slippery path, slipped and started sliding down the deadly looking road that led to somewhere mysterious. With all the courage and strength, I risked and followed him and hope was very little to pull him back and rescue. I could sense both of our frightened feelings. Somehow my hand reached his hand and I pulled him back and in minutes we both were on our feet. The final secured feeling and the warmth we shared in each other’s embrace was difficult to explain. While we were going back safely, he was still opting for the muddy path. I pulled him and asked, “Why do you still want to walk that difficult path?” He replied, “I don’t know and you don’t understand.” With a bizarre feeling, I opened my eyes, contemplating the vivid dream and slowly trying to put the dream off my mind, I started to prepare for another day of toil and strife.

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