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Published On: March 25, 2019 06:44 PM NPT By: Milan Rijal

The Feeling of Nationality beyond the Boundary of Nation

The Feeling of Nationality beyond the Boundary of Nation

It was an honor for me to have the opportunity to represent Nepal in the international forum as a young apprentice. It was back on October 7, 2017, I was making my first international flight heading to Bangkok. My flight had been reserved in the Thai Airways by the travel agent named 'Sunshine Travel Agency' of Jawalakhel.

The aircraft TG 313 took off into the air at 11 am from Tribhuwan International Airport, Kathmandu. The passengers were heartily welcomed into the plane by the beautiful Thai air-hostesses saying 'Sawadikurp'. A mixture of happiness and wonder was in my head. I got my stipulated seat and placed my handbag onto the storage case. I sat down and fastened the seat belt and turned my mobile phone into flight mode. It was my first experience in the flight; however, everything was going well. I paid attention to the instructions and demonstration being announced and displayed. I was so excited and taking a selfie.

As our journey was coming to an end, a beautiful night view of the city could be viewed from the window. The journey of about 3 hours was almost like a journey by a long bus on a graveled road. I was once again frightened at the landing of the plane. Our plane landed in "Suvarnabhumi International Airport", Bangkok. The local time was 6 pm then. It was raining and very hot with high humidity. The airport was so huge and beautiful. I wished if our airport too was as beautiful and well facilitated as that of Bangkok. After enduring immigration procedure, I took my baggage and went out. A friend came to receive me and helped to get a hotel for the night.

Next morning I arrived at the airport at 5. I began my journey to Chiang Mai, another famous city in Thailand at 8 AM. The city is about 1 and a half hour air distance from Bangkok. The sky was clear after the rain. The craft was comparatively smaller than that of an international flight. I didn't notice when our plane landed.

Then I headed to the venue which was the primary reason for the trip. I met the people of diverse nationality in the conference. We got introduced to one another. Many of them were in their national dress representing their countries. I really felt honored to wear the Nepali attire.

After the conference, I visited the local markets and bought some Thai gifts.  Since, Thai king had recently died, there were not much merrymaking and public celebrations.

I was astonished by the infrastructures, disciplined drivers and sanitation. However, I was shocked to know about legalized prostitution. During the walk to the evening market, I was lured and dragged into the dance bars and brothels. I replied that I had no interest in such activity and pleaded them to leave me off.

I came to Bangkok to attend a marriage ceremony of my English friend after the stay of about a week. He was to marry a local Thai girl. I sang a wedding song for them.


As I was wandering at a night market near my hotel, I heard some Nepali phrase. Firstly, I ignored them thinking as if it was just an illusion.  But as I heard that repeatedly I turned around to find its source. A Nepali couple appeared to my back (facing opposite to me). It sounded so beautiful and fascinating in the midst of other languages in a foreign land. As I kept on exploring things in the market in Bangkok, I heard another person calling, "ke chhahiyo dai?" meaning "What do you need a brother?" I went closer to him and asked about his origin. I came to know that he was from Burma and a number of Burmese could be found in the city. Although he wasn't from Nepal, there was a sense of brotherhood. I wonder how the Nepali language brought us closer. It was clear to me how language can bring people closer. It has got a strong power in it. It is not just the mode of communication of the information and ideas but also the emotions.






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