November 7, 2018

‘The Bunch 2018’ exhibition concludes

‘The Bunch 2018’ exhibition concludes

Bindu Space for Artists organized ‘The Bunch 2018’ a group-art exhibition. The exhibition started from October 28 that ended on Tuesday at Classic Gallery, Chakupat in Lalitpur. The exhibition was jointly inaugurated by senior eminent artist Batsa Gopal Vaidya and Shanti Chadha, Managing Director of Nepal Woman Crafts as per the press statement released by Bindu. 

Bindu Space for Artists is active from the year 2006. Since then, it has shared and exchanged lots of experiences with many national and international artists and organizations. The artists here also have attended many national and international exhibitions and seminars. 

This time they have highlighted 10 young energetic Nepali artists: Anil Prajapati, Aman Maharjan, Bijendra Shrestha, Bidhyaman Tamang, Jenney Ghale, Nabina Sunuwar, Pramila Lama, Ritu Thapa, Sarad Darshandhari and Sony Rai in the exhibition. 

The press release further stated that the artists had been working in different subjects. They had also captured the social and cultural aspects as their theme and had tried to use different metaphors in their work. The works also showed the effect on environments, and needs and demands of urban civilized life.

Aman, Anil and Sony had expressed their cultures through arts. Bijendra, Pramila and Bidhyaman had depicted social effects in the lifestyle. Finally, Sarad, Ritu, Nabina and Jenney depicted contemporary and current events in the art forms of printmaking and painting. All of them have tried to capture the depth sensitively. 

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