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Published On: June 20, 2019 08:00 AM NPT By: Smritee Gautam

That’s the way

That’s the way


When you are feeling low,

The world around you seems to go slow.

When you can’t take the world at your side,

And when you have lost your greatest pride.

Think of those out in the world,

Everyone might not shine like gold or emerald.


But still, they crave for their goal,

For which they devote their whole and soul.

They aim for the stars, still land on the moon,

This doesn’t mean they should end up soon.


But there’s a knock at the fortunes door,

This is the clue you shouldn’t ignore.

So, come on man! Elevate your chin,

There are many reasons to frolic.


There are still many stones left unturned,

Still many skills within you un-churned.

Still many promises to be made,

And many undiscovered colors of life with variant shade.


So, gather up your inner strength,

Smash away the sorrow.

Live as lively as you can,

As you know everybody has to leave tomorrow.






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