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Published On: January 1, 2024 04:00 PM NPT By: Ganga Biswakarma

Teachers! Drive the ‘CAR’

Teachers! Drive the ‘CAR’
CAR stretches its entry to the classroom along with plea,
As human basic needs,
This is the key of self-determination theory - for enlightened glee.
CAR stands for Competence, Autonomous and Relatedness,
And these are the classroom principle to ensure the meaningful learning greatness.
Emphasizing the capability and effectiveness in steps,
Competence brackets students with knowledge and depths.
It provides energizing task
To gain constructive feedback
Competence is to build up skills and confidence,
and to tackle with circumstances.
Autonomous seeks freedom in the classroom setting
This makes the students able for self – governing
Control and responsibility for own,
It cultivates self-direction to learn.
Allowing learning experiences to spread out,
It generates critical thinking and creativity which are not to be taught.
Among students and between students and teachers,
Relatedness nurtures sense of collegial features.
Sharing idea and experience,
It provides sense of community excellence.
Communicative way in teaching learning - enhances the ability,
Relatedness remains as the stage for creativity.
Teachers! Let’s drive the ‘CAR’.
It removes classroom bar.
Closing the books, beyond the classroom boundaries,
It opens the door,
and sets up the learning opportunities.

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