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Published On: September 17, 2020 12:55 PM NPT By: Republica

Sukriti and Simon’s ‘Seventeen Petals: The Growing Up Stories’ released

Sukriti and Simon’s ‘Seventeen Petals: The Growing Up Stories’ released


Haunted by the perils of COVID-19 at home and abroad, Sukriti Sharma, a seniorat West Springfield High School in Virginia, has teamed up with her brother, Simon, to supporthealthcare efforts in the refugee camps of Nepal and elsewhere by writing ‘Seventeen Petals: The Growing Up Stories.’

According to a press statement released on Tuesday, the 115 page-book it’s marketing is being managed by Kindle Direct Publishing. It consists of 17 timeless stories that lucidly talk about same number of human personality traits: acceptance, humility, reverence, virtue, purpose, simplicity, commitment, diligence, service, consistency, assurance, willingness, loyalty, sensitivity, compassion, wisdom and devotion.

The book is priced at US $9.99. The press statement quoting Tracy Moran, Deputy Editor of OZY.COM saying, “Through her strong articles Sukriti has successfully pressed newspaper and magazine editors to dedicate more space to reading materials for younger audiences, as well as younger bylines. I am confident that her debut book of stories will win the hearts of young readers.”

The day the book was released on Amazon, the writers stated that the book was the result of their parents’ rich tradition of passing the oral culture of storytelling, the free time they had while being locked down due to COVID and their urgency to do something for the kids of their age and younger in the Tibetan refugee camps of Nepal and elsewhere who were undergoing even harsher health and learning environment due to the ongoing pandemic.

Amazon had made online and paperback version of the book available for pre-order on September 9.

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