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Published On: July 12, 2017 12:18 PM NPT By: Republica

Students bear brunt of unsuccessful general strike

Students bear brunt of unsuccessful general strike

It does not come as a surprise that teachers and students alike, of private schools, are among the most affected by strikes in Nepal. While a day-off at work seems like an attractive prospect, only education professionals, parents and students see that there exists an intricate layer to these so-called “relief holidays”. From having to miss a class, to having to compensate for the lost day during well-deserved public holidays, there are reasons why people loathe these strikes.
This Tuesday, private schools across Nepal were forced to shut due to the nation-wide general strike called by the Netra Bikram Chand (Biplab)-led Communist Party of Nepal. The general strike mostly affected classes at private schools. All the other institutions, including public schools and transport, rejected to succumb to the hoax.
Moreover, many parents had to change their plans for the day to be home for their kids. Few students were happy that they got free time during what would’ve been their class hours, while some said they’d rather attend classes and turn in their assignments. As students have to compensate for these kinds of unofficial days off on Saturdays, an additional few said they would “really love to have a Saturday off” instead of a random holiday.  
When Shuvechchha Ghimire and Nasana Bajracharya of My City interviewed a few people in Basantapur Durbar Square area, they found that the common belief among students, parents and teachers was that the strike had been ineffective. Disrupting student’s schooling was definitely not the best way to make a point. Because let’s face it, not many are bothered to understand what political strategy Chand had in mind while announcing a nation-wide general strike. What mattered more was the day-off. Also why only private schools?

Dikshya Rajbhandari studies in Grade XII at Kathmandu Model College, Bagbazar

Though a single day of general strike might not hamper our education, repeated closure of schools and colleges will definitely hit us hard. Colleges might later start pressuring students and teachers to complete the course. We may be called to attend classes on Saturdays to compensate for this day. I strongly believe strikes should not be encouraged. We were informed about the closure by college administration through Facebook page. So, I came here with my friends to enjoy the day off.

Reena is a teacher at Holy Vision International School, Tahachal, while her son Rijen is a student there

In comparison to yesteryears, the frequency of calling general strikes has decreased, but it still affects children’s education. My kid studies in Grade VII, and the school informed us about the closure on Monday. Also, I work as a teacher in the school, so I got a day off too. I don’t know much about why the strike was imposed today. But since I had free time, I preponed my plans to go shopping and came here.

Pravin and Bhawani Pradhan are parents to Pratyusha who studies at Kidzee, Kathmandu

Strikes should not be imposed for unnecessary reasons. People should search for alternative solutions to lobby their demands. We were informed about the closure through school’s social media page. We have tons of holidays anyway and these bandas further affect children’s education. A day of strike also affects kids’ psychology as they get agitated upon having to go to school the next day.

Rupak Karki studies in Grade XII at National Integrated College, Dillibazar

I only know that Biplav Maoists imposed today’s strike, but I don’t know why. The college confirmed about the closure this morning. As our classes were off today, I came here with my friends just to take a break. We sometimes take a sigh of relief when the college is closed, but repeated strikes are not good for our education.

Matina Manandhar studies, Grade XII at National College of Computer Studies, Chandol
We were unsure about the strike until Monday night. We called our college’s toll free number, and were notified that the college would remain closed due to the strike. I heard it was imposed by Biplab Maoists, but I have no idea why. The strike did not affect my day given that I take morning classes, and am free during the day. Grade XII classes have just started, so we don’t have compensatory classes. However, repeated strikes definitely affect our education.

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