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Published On: November 29, 2020 03:45 PM NPT By: Moin Uddin

Strict Teacher

Strict Teacher

They will not listen to you
They will do whatever they want to
They will try to burn you out
They will be stubborn and make you shout

I was just a funny normal teacher
But they took me lightly and harmed the culture
I was patient and ignored their behavior
Thinking they would change their actions and comes in terms to study better

But their tantrums increased whatsoever
The class was disturbed as they took me lighter
When I would teach and later correct their copies
The others would just stumble and secretly someone would be absentees.

The level of my patience challenged me
Then I took action and they were surprised to see the strict side of me 
I started checking books of everyone
And those who hadn't were asked to go out of the class. 

Now barely they make noise in my class
I didn't want to mask the strict side of me to control the mass
But I'd left with no choice to maintain discipline nor they would harass 
And I know once the best teachers of theirs has turned out to be strict in class.

I am hopeful that they would understand the meaning behind my strictness 
I want them to shine like any other precious gems 
I wish they would understand the meaning before it gets late 
As the times once wasted will waste their future if not corrected it will put them in hindrances. 

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