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Published On: October 24, 2017 08:41 AM NPT By: Rohit Rajvardhan

Stars of Missed Nights

Stars of Missed Nights

I want to escape a recurring dream 
Before I become itself
I want a day that would behave responsibly
I want to reach my desk before time

I want to sit for the hours assigned for a day’s salary
I want to get too tired to wish for a tomorrow
 I want to return to my little room 
That seems big with things enough only for survival

At the edge of the day I want to make myself a glass of fine wine
Or anything bittersweet that can help me 
Open the window full of late night stars
I want to sit by the windowsill

I want to wait for you when you’ll knock on my door
I want to open it just like the window
I want you to carry every missed moment that
I could have lived with a girl; I want you to fill my glass again

Sit, talk, laugh, sip, whisper and cry 
I want you to gift me my last drink before you leave
I want you to fill my glass 
With stars of the missed nights. 

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