Pranjali Sunuwar

Sunuwar is studying in grade XI at Uniglobe College, New Baneshwar.

Published On: September 16, 2018 08:19 AM NPT By: Pranjali Sunuwar



Spring gets people to react differently.  Some people admire its beauty, and some deny its existence. But the harder you try, the more its fragrance engulfs you, leaving you wild and helpless. In the end, it corrupts your mind, controls your heart, and cages your soul. 

It’s quite strange. We, humans, are the most powerful, intelligent and capable beings on earth. Yet, we demand to be in control. It sounds toxic yet it still feels wonderful. The blue sky looks bright and happy. The colors around you look more vibrant. Today feels blissful and the next day feels hopeful. You can feel the wind tickling your ears and tracing your lips. It lines your neck gently and rolls down your spine. The sunset feels warm on your skin but your fingertips are cold with excitement. Your eyes glitter with more anticipation, with more life. Nothing is justified but everything makes sense. Every movement, every word, and every breath feels clear. Each step becomes a memory and every second becomes a prayer.

You try to feel the wind even more. But every step you take takes you closer to the fall. You stand on a cliff, the tallest one, where the wind blows the strongest. You risk your fall, yet you choose to stand closet to the end. The strong wind travels through your lungs and into your soul, giving you every bit of pleasure, happiness and joy that you want. 

The wind comes to you, whistles into your ears, and bewitches you. Then, it feels like your soul is being sucked out. Your heart runs with terror, your pupil shifts around in fear, your mind goes blank. You reach out to it, you try to grab it but it’s the wind. It’s free, timeless and fleeting. It slips through your fingers and makes you run after it only to lose it. This loss feels like a bottomless pit that you keep falling into deeper and deeper. The strange thing is that you’re no longer scared. 

It drains you and the world seems grey. The sky is dark and your legs have no energy. The world feels bright and irritates your eyes. The flower in your mind withers away and turns lifeless. Everything is justified, but nothing makes sense. You’re free but trapped in your mind. The emptiness feels like a long lost friend. It embraces you, but you try to escape. All that waits on the other side is sorrow. 

It feels cold. The beautiful white falls from the sky and into your palms gracefully while you begin to walk back into your memory. As it starts, it feels like a happy movie. But you go further and they turn a deep blue. You try to run away but it keeps latching onto you. You give up and stay. This makes you realize how euphoric and how delightful it was. You realize that a new wind comes back. 

The grey fades away, today feels better than yesterday and tomorrow becomes full of colors. Then one day, you hear a whistle in your ear and you hesitate. You feel fear but the world around you begins to bloom. Spring has returned.


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