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Published On: July 29, 2022 02:40 PM NPT By: Basanta Lohani



Nature smiled

Her contours appeared blissful

Grandeur and bountiful

She allures me

Into a meditative state

Sky is blue

Mountains sparkling

So clear is the river nearby

With her playful flow,

The sound I hear is different

sweet and rhythmic

Her stink metamorphosed into fragrance

So Fishes could reappear

I watch their rhythmic dance 

And the migrating birds are hovering over them

O! What a feast 

The air is fresh

So I breathe well

My eyes stopped itching

So I could feel my surroundings with wide-open eyes

What produced this miracle?

Nature herself

She cleaned herself

She healed herself

When she was left to herself,

without being constantly pillaged 

Who ravaged? 

When the laws to protect her are so strict,

Nobody else but you and I being driven by our insatiable greed

Greed is above the man-made rules

So powerful towards destruction

Watch out -

Amidst the changing climate

An intermission -

The gluttony is anchored 

The virus fear drove the sequel: 

The lockdown

Nature could breathe.

Her smile reappeared.


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