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Published On: July 15, 2021 01:07 PM NPT By: Sabina Thapa

She’s not broken

She’s not broken

Walking on the way,

With new hopes and aspirations ,

Cheering  the life though it might be  

Bliss or fluctuations.

Life changed abruptly, 

The demon shattered her life,

Covered her mouth with a strong whack on her cheeks,

Tug off her clothes and the inescapable brutal molest begin

Urging if someone would save her from a forceful grip,

Sadly, all went in vain.

The trembling legs, the frozen voice with the bruise all over her body,

Blood, sweat on her clothes.

With the voiceless and helpless scream.

Cursed herself for being a girl.

Thought of surrendering from this evil world.

But a sudden voice patted her ear,

The powerful inner voice made her a warrior.

They might have impured her body,

But not her mind and soul.

With an extreme vigor within,

She  fought for the victim like her. 

She might have been shaken but yes, She’s not broken

slammed, walking, hopeful,

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