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Published On: July 24, 2017 10:00 AM NPT By: Republica

Say Goodbye to Cold and Flu This Rainy Season

Say Goodbye to Cold and Flu This Rainy Season

Finally, the rainy season has come to relieve us from the hot summers, but it also brings along many kinds of illnesses. However, proper care and certain precautions during the rainy season can keep disease away and help you enjoy the monsoon with hot coffee.
Usually, kids are more susceptible to this drastic weather change.

The common illnesses during this season are cold, flu and some water and air-borne diseases. To cope with these illnesses during the rainy season, one has to take care of the sudden change in temperature and humidity levels in the atmosphere. Here are some tips to prevent cold and flu during the rainy season:

1.    Although there are no definite cure for viral infections, but there are few home remedies and some over the counter pills, which will help you to deal with the cold and flu problem.

2.    Always be prepared for the rainy season, like carry a raincoat or an umbrella, so that even when it rains you will not get drenched. Getting soaked in rain is the main cause for many infections.

3.    It is very important to drink purified water during the rainy season, because there are many chances of getting water-borne diseases during this season.

4.    Keep yourself dry and clean, and try to carry an extra pair of dress, so that if you get drenched in rain, you can change into dry clothes.

5.    Avoid eating food outdoors during this season. Try to have foods that are easy on your digestive system. Increase the intake of fruits and green vegetables. Don't take alcoholic beverages, as they can cause dehydration.

6.    Take foods that are rich in vitamin C like orange juices, as it will reduce the severity of the cold, and because it activates antibodies.

7.    If you are caught in rain and get drenched, then you should immediately take a bath after coming back home and make sure that your hair and body are dry completely. Drink some hot beverage, preferably a glass of hot milk, with a pinch of turmeric powder.

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