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Published On: June 5, 2019 07:15 PM NPT By: Republica

Sarita speaks on hoax

Sarita speaks on hoax

Famous media personality Sarita Lamichhane is one of the candidates for the upcoming election of film artistes Association of Nepal (FAAN). Former secretary general of FAAN, Lamichhane spoke to media about her agendas and grievance.

Appealing for votes, she opened up amongst artist and journalists. She said she was harassed regarding her identity. She claimed that some people plugged mentioning that “Sarita Lamichhane is a non-artist.” Justifying on the comments, Lamichhane further said “I am 42 and I have spent 20 years of my life in this field. At this moment people are complaining that I am not artist?”

“I have no other occupations other than acting and art. What kind of justice is it to restrict me to participate in the election or to stop election by this hoax,” she said.

She expressed that she has been facing threats and also was insulted after filing her nomination.  “Sometimes unknown people come in front of my resident and point towards my house. I also got some calls as well,” she informed. She asked, “Why was I made the secretary general for three years? How have Nepalis recognizef me as Sarita Lamichhane, be it at home or abroad?” She revealed that a case was filed at District Administration Office stating that she is not an artist. This made her firm to participate in the election.

Speaking about the situation, actor Gauri Malla said, “It’s sad to know that such problem is going on in artists’ association.  Similarly, actor Karisma Manandhar said that it’s not necessary to prove Lamichhane is an artist. She further explained, if anyone wants to lead an organization then they must be supported. Likewise, actor Rekha Thapa stated that female participation in film association should be promoted.

Presidential Candidate Lamichhane also revealed her five points pledge amid the event, which says that the organization shall try to be an umbrella organization of all artists; national reorganization would be given to the introduction paper of the association, artist welfare fund will be more organized and its use will be amplified, a building would be made for the association, and the association would work to increase the ability of an artist. 

Actor- Director Rabindra Khadka is the another presidential candidate nominee.

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