Ayam Shrestha

Published On: April 25, 2018 11:44 AM NPT By: Ayam Shrestha

Rising up from the rubble

Rising up from the rubble

All looked up at the cloud-covered sky
They knew that something was coming
But no one thought about the surface below
Where the real plot of the nightmare was humming
Shook the ground and the all above it,
Rupturing the landscape for the years approaching
Then they realized, that inevitable made its arrival
The scientists were right and the prophecy was true
Carefree of the wealth and all they had gained
They ran out into the open just for survival
Collapsed a structure, weak and fragile
Burying a person in his own house had become his rival

Death tolls rose as the time passed by
A nation mourned as its millennium-old heritage demolished
Buildings fell over and infrastructures damaged
Underneath the debris lied a man making his cry
God, isn’t the pleas of the injured, dead and homeless,
Suffice to break the deafness of thy?
The earthquake gave us sorrow and trouble
Has destroyed the heritage, life and development
With resilience and integrity, we shall put it together
With iron hands and equipped with hammers and shovels
Limping towards that light at the end of the tunnel
We are rising up from the rubble


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