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Published On: October 24, 2019 12:50 PM NPT By: Republica

Rapper VTEN arrested

‘Yestai Ta Ho Ni Bro’ rapper VTEN has been arrested from Jawalakhel today on charges of promoting offensive languages on his songs. Likewise, for misusing police uniform and uploading as his Facebook Profile along with promoting illegal drugs in social media sites as per the police. Released around four months ago, that song was huge limelight during the time of the release.

In 2019, VTEN has been a part of various controversies. Ten months ago, the rapper was thrown the stone by a concert attendee at the ‘20th Pokhara Street Festival’. Likewise, he was also in a huge talk among people when a Reddit user, Nepali For Nepal shared the song ‘Yestai Ta Ho Ni Bro’ being direct plagiarized from Lil Mike and Funny Bone’s song, ‘Do The Rain Dance’.

Only in October, this is the second time that the police have arrested musicians because of the inappropriate lyrics. Earlier, Durgesh Thapa was also arrested on promoting narcotics in his song, ‘Happy Tihar’.

As the VTEN’s arrest event broke down on the internet, social media is outraged by the opinions. ‘Kaalo’ rapper, Uniq Poet wrote, “Freedom of speech in danger. But yes, always produce what's acceptable to society. What you speak through your songs affects an entire generation's psyche. Hope VTEN bhai gets out of this mess soon.”


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