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Raising a puppy for the first time? Here are some tips for pet parents

Raising a puppy for the first time? Here are some tips for pet parents


So you have brought home a new member, a four-legged one! We know how cute it looks sleeping and running around here and there but if you are a first time pet parent, there are some things you should know. Raising a puppy is not at all easy. They need special care and attention just as a human baby would need. And, it is a lot of responsibilities. Here is a handy parenting guide for all the first-timers!

Before welcoming the fur ball to your home, make sure you have bought all the essential supplies. Depending upon the age and size of your puppy, purchase dog food, treats, collar, leash, a comfortable bed, food bowl, toys and other necessary stuff.

A visit to a veterinarian is a must

It is very important to consult a veterinarian on the very first day when you bring home a puppy. Take recommendation on what all you can feed it, ask about vaccinations, when you can start taking it out for a walk and most importantly, a medical examination to be sure this little member is healthy and hearty.

Dog-proof your house

Just like infants, puppies also go through the phase of teething. They are curious to explore their new house and end up chewing furniture, shoes and household items. They can hurt their gum, or even choke on various unimaginable things. Therefore, make sure you keep all the items that can be dangerous to your pet’s health out of its reach and surround the little one with enough toys it can chew.

Talk to other pet parents

Since you are new to this world of pet parenting, it is always better to talk to those who have already been there and done that. Taking care and being responsible for a puppy’s well-being can get intimidating and overwhelming at times. Talking to other pet parents would help you to calm down, and they will surely give you tips on how to deal with this phase.


Set some rules

Your puppy’s adorable eyes might silently plead you for anything and melt heart within seconds but remember to set some rules from the very beginning. Resist the temptation to share your food with it, and feed it only on a schedule. Talk to your vet and ask about the right time to start toilet training. Also, if you are not comfortable with your pet sitting on your sofas or bed, do not allow it to do it from the very first day.

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