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Published On: June 5, 2017 10:27 AM NPT By: Republica

Peoples say on online surveys

The rise in social media has broadened communication over a short span of time. Although, various research and online surveys are conducted on a daily basis. While these surveys are appluded, they are also questioned at times.
Here, MyCity’s Sonam Lama talked to a few people about how authentic they find the online polls and surveys.

Rajan Ghimire, 
Online surveys and polls have turned into a powerful tool used to understand and analyze public opinions on various contextual topics. This has also been evident as we can see media using online polls to welcome the views of the general public. In my view, although polls have established themselves and gained popularity, I feel that such polls are not to taken seriously by the respondents and thus the results aren’t necessarily authentic or genuine every time.

Renuka Adhikari, 

When it comes to conducting valid surveys, I think the authenticity of links and sources has a key role to play. People have benefitted from online surveys. I have also participated in some and I think the outcome was pretty authentic. Since online surveys are more systematic and easily accessible, I believe the results generated through such online polls are authentic and highly participatory. Fruther down the line, I am expecting the elections to be conducted in a similar manner.

Nirmala Ghale,
Social worker

Personally, online surveys have been of great help. As soon as I conduct some workshops or activities, I use online surveys and polling tools to register feedbacks from the participants. It has been effective in gathering information and feedbacks in a really short span of time, and since the online surveys can easily be conducted, more people are willing to participate in these surveys. 
The authenticity and validation of online surveys, in my view, also depends on the questionaire and the implementation of the surveys. As of now, I have been considering the outcomes of such surveys as authentic.

Sulav Gautam,
Undergraduate student

Online surveys and polls have definitely secured their place as a prominent tool of analysis and fact-finding. I consider online surveys and polls to be one significant tool that helps us in addressing the opinion of the public or a focus group in a short span of time. But convenience and time efficancy has implications on authenticity and validation. Since cyber research has yet to attain mainstream recognition, the outcomes of such surveys seem quite unreliable to me. 

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