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Published On: May 5, 2018 09:57 AM NPT By: Republica

People say no to transport syndicate

People say no to transport syndicate

KATHMANDU, May 5: The government is adopting ‘zero tolerance’ policy against the syndicate of transport entrepreneurs. To defy the government’s implementation of this policy, transport entrepreneurs affiliated to different syndicates on Friday called a strike of public transportation across the country. Though the public at large is in support of the government’s ‘zero tolerance’ policy against the transport syndicate, they do not deny that either way they are the ones who suffer in between. Meanwhile, few public transport companies like Sajha, Mayur and three-wheelers ran their vehicles, giving partial relief to the public. Many of the daily commuters had to face hurdles to reach their destinations. Here, My City’s team talked to few of the general public about their views on transport syndicate and how they reached their destination on Friday.

Sony Magar, 21
New Baneshwor

Due to the halt of public transportation, I had to walk all the way from Chabahil to Tripureshwar today. I have not been following the issue very much, but the visible scenario is that the middle class people are being severely affected by the halt of vehicular services. The sky-high fare of taxi and an acute short supply of vehicles act as the major hindrance for the civilians to carry out their daily routines. Since most people cannot afford to spend much on their daily commute, the middle class people have been severely affected.

Pramita Chaudhari, 23

Due to the strike of public vehicles across the country, I had a hard time carrying my daily routine. I got into a three-wheeler at Putalisadak, which was much crowded. This step of government to eradicate syndicate from the country is good. The government must also have strict laws for them who organize this kind of strike. I think removal of syndicate will promote service-orientated transport entrepreneurs. Public vehicles are made for the public, so transportation entrepreneur cannot call such strike just for the sake of their own wrong interest. 

Mandina Bhandari, 20

I had walked one hour to reach my work place due to the transportation strike.  Likewise, the business was also down, as some of our colleagues were not able to come to office.  So in my opinion, the strike is not a right thing to do, because it negatively affects millions of people.  To end the syndicate, the government should have a strong contingency plan so that public lifestyle is not affected. But I think it is a good initiation of the government to end the syndicate so that quality service could be provided to the public. 

Padma Dhungana, 50

I had to struggle hard in order to carry out my daily works due to the public transport strike across the country. The day was physically draining as I had to wait for hours for the bus to go to Swayambhu for my household works. I support the step taken by the transport management office to break syndicate. As a civilian, I can no longer continue with the haggle of travelling in public vehicles. They are always crowded and they hike fares all the time.

Pujay Bajracharya, 35

It usually takes me 30 minutes from New Road to reach my office at Koteshwar but it took me two hours today. I had to walk half the way to office and then I travelled half way by a Mayur Yatayat bus. Although the government move is for the betterment of the public, it is ultimately the public who has been severely affected. I feel the government need to immediately sort out this issue and ensure better transport facility for the public.

Ramchandra Joshi, 26

I travelled by Sajha bus as other vehicles were not available today. I think this concept of eradication of syndicate is beneficial for the people, but the government must also have some alternative way for public during strikes. Daily life of millions of people got affected due to this strike. So the government should talk with the transportation entrepreneurs to reduce the possibility of strikes in future. Similarly, the government should also punish transportation entrepreneur who are in favor of syndicate. I believe public transportation is made for the people, so to make it comfortable, the concerned bodies should manage transportation keeping the public in mind.

Kabindra Bista, 44

I support the government’s step to end the syndicate in public transportation because it ends the monopoly of transportation committees who are causing the hike of transportation fare and hindering the improvement of transportation service. The transport entrepreneurs are shamelessly protesting the government decision by disturbing vehicular movement, severely affecting the public life. However, the government should also have a good plan before implementing such strong decision. I heard that Mayur Yatayat, Sajha Yatayat and some other transport companies are giving good service despite the strike, which is a good thing.  But, it is only limited inside the valley.  The people travelling outside the valley have to wait until the end of the protest. Indeed, the government should come with better solutions.

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