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Published On: July 10, 2018 11:45 AM NPT By: Republica

Passion into Profit

Passion into Profit


Very few people out there actually understand the meaning of transposing passion into profit. In this digital era, one can make easy money by sitting at home or workplace. The profusion or the amount of earning may vary as per the user competencies and time run. However, one can cash their leisure time for some rational works.  Marketing, in general, means of which exchanging goods and services. However, the meaning is not limited to this definition. Marketing involves every aspect that leads to success. It includes factors which help to step-up the effectiveness. Moreover, some factors play a catalyst to boost the marketing process. Promotion, advertisement, product selection, distribution, and location are the key influencing factors of marketing. 

In Nepal, online marketing that first gained prominence since 2010 through blogs got their approval restored for displaying ads in their web interface. Prior to this Google Incorporation was held back from rewarding the bloggers and online marketers because of restriction placed by the Central Bank of Nepal. Due to the conflict in terms and conditions over the regulatory provisions of NRB, Google had no other way to wage the marketers except for Quick Cash through Western Union which too got completely barred. 

Gradually, users also became aware that ads from trusted advertisers conveyed advantageous offers through sponsors. Due to the increased pressure of applications from renowned business aspirants and the presence of potential marketers in Nepal, the authority couldn’t resist their decision and finally redeemed their services. 

 The present accessibility of the ad market is the result of the determination of the e-marketers back then. Now, the enhanced idea of social media and blogs has introduced a dynamic change in the overall e-marketing. People have started earning good money from AdSense, Info links, CPA, Instant articles, and YouTube. 

Additionally, the ongoing trend of earning through Facebook has brought about an easy accomplishment for the news reporters. Some people even consider them more forthright when it comes to the density of payment. But there are some irrational users who have misused this feature and the majority of the reports have been received regarding the solecism of this trait. For instance, circulating fraudulent news, brainstorming negative click bait ideas, offensiveness, adult content, are popular practices to pollute the web pages. Digital platform requests their users to report such content to avoid misinformation. 

Surpassing all the hectic and accompanying the patience, online marketers have always taken their seat to stand as an example to other aspirants who are craving to grab success. Converting passion into profit has become more expedient because of the availability of easy features and lineaments included by the online podiums. People with the qualities of sound e-marketers can gain from their ideas from the online platform in a completely legal manner.

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