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‘Passion and hard work assures career growth'

‘Passion and hard work assures career growth'

Dedicated in the field of teaching for more than two decades, Shiba Datta Gnawali is the founder principal of Universal College. Established in 1995, the college runs +2 programs in Science, Management and Humanities streams, including Bachelor’s and Master’s degree programs in Business studies and Arts. Starting off his career as a lecturer in Amrit Science Campus and Tribhuvan University, Gnawali spent more than a decade as a teacher at Brigade of Gurkhas, Hong Kong before retiring in 1994. Having earned a doctorate degree (PhD) in 2002 from Tribhuvan University, he has been working as a founder principal of Universal College since its inception.

My City’s Sonam Lama caught up with Gnawali to talk about the inspiration and experiences throughout his teaching journey.

How has the journey in teaching field been so far?

Though my journey started as a teacher, I’ve worked as the Youth Village Director at the SOS Youth Village and as a section officer. But it was until I was offered to work as a teacher in Brigade of Gurkhas, Hong Kong that I decided to continue my journey in teaching. Though there were many challenges to deal with, I have had a worthwhile experience of learning and teaching. As a teacher you take a responsibility to shape the future of your students. Therefore, the duty that you hold and the prestige that you earn are incomparable to how much you earn.

What was the inspiration on your way?

The demise of my father when I was 16 years old left my family devastated. My mother became the sole motivator after dad passed away. Since higher education was hardly encouraged in villages, I was suggested to stay home with my mother and lend a hand in household chores. However, I decided to continue my higher studies and my mother supported me throughout the journey. The lessons that she taught coupled with my determination and will power further inspired me. Moreover, reading books and getting my works published has kept that motivation intact along the way.

Do you think the education system has improved over the decades in Nepal?

Yes, education system in Nepal has progressed over the decades. There are many opportunities provided one is willing to work hard and hone one’s skills. The rise in the number of educational institutions has also provided varying opportunities. However, I still believe the quality of education needs to improve for further progresses.

What course of study do you think has a widening scope in today’s context?

Learning the scope of study surely guides you to make a better career choice. Nevertheless, it is your zeal, passion and hard work that assure your career growth.  The skills, talent and effort that you put forward can help you excel in any course of study. With the change in time, the education system is getting more advanced. Therefore, one should independently learn skills and gather knowledge by discarding the notion of spoon-feeding education system in order to stand out in a crowd.

Would you like to convey any message to the readers?

Reading is a medium to gain information and keep oneself updated on current affairs so, it is necessary to cultivate a reading and writing habit.  In a multilingual country like Nepal, proficiency in English language could open opportunities galore. Moreover, youths should acknowledge and utilize the available resources as well as opportunities.

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