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Published On: February 17, 2019 09:33 AM NPT By: Republica

Pashupati Sharma talks about ‘Lootna Sake Loot’

Pashupati Sharma talks about ‘Lootna Sake Loot’

Photo Courtesy: Pashupati Sharma's Facebook

Penned, composed and sung by Folk Singer, Pashupati Sharma, ‘Lootna Sake Loot’ has become able to grasp ample appreciation from the audience. Known for satiric numbers, Sharma has been published various satiric songs including 'Malai America Yehai’ and ‘K Baahun K Janajati’ to raise social awareness.  

 Based on his new endeavor ‘Lootna Sake Loot’ Mycity team talked with Sharma, following are the edited excerpts:

1 How did you have an idea to create this song?

This song reflects the sufferings of normal Nepali citizen. I mold common questions that may arouse in anyone’s head into a song.  This song was made unintentionally.

2 How long did it take you to write the song?

It didn’t take long because I had seen the problems of our society from too close. The time taken to compose the song was too short in comparison to the songs that I have created before.

3 Didn’t you feel fear to sing this song?

This is not my song the song, it belongs to all Nepali citizens. I have just molded it into a song. There was not any fictional thing that I could include in this song, that’s why there wasn’t any fear.

4 There is speculation that the song supports corruption?

I disagree with this statement because this song is not an inspiration for corrupts; it’s a tight slap for them through satire. Though it might look like the song supports corruption, the main gist of the song is to raise awareness against corruption. I think the audience will understand it easily.

5 How are the feedbacks of the audience for the music video?

I am getting positive feedbacks. It’s been just two days that we have aired the video but the response that we are getting for the song is tremendous. Audiences are appreciating the lyrics of the song.



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