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The author is currently studying his Masters of information and communication technology at Western Sydney University.

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Published On: May 5, 2018 09:52 AM NPT By: Asun Bajracharya



The first day when I landed in Australia, I did not feel it to be much different than Nepal. There were people from different countries and I met so many Nepalis out here, and I felt acquainted with so many familiar faces around me. Before coming here, I used to think that when in a foreign land, if you see people from your home country, it would feel homely and also that it would be kind of obligatory to talk to them. But, within a week, I realized that no one even has the time to smile at each other here. If I think about it though, even in Nepal, we do not smile at strangers. So, the whole situation is quite normal.

I was always surrounded by people who cared about me back home so I went through bit of a cultural shock in the initial phase. No one really cared about who I was or what I did. Everyone out here was busy in their own lives and their work. I found that people here were concerned only about going to work or college and coming back home, on a daily basis. Now that I have spent few months here and interacted with people around, I now find that people are more welcoming and sociable than I used to think. Also having to adapt to a similar kind of lifestyle has changed my perception for better.

Sydney is an expensive city. The living cost in Sydney is much higher than in Nepal and the living standard is way better.  The education system here is also comparatively better than in Nepal. Subjects here are career-oriented and not just theoretical in approach. It is better in technicalities and also in practical-based education. In Nepal, a person’s future is predicted with the marks s/he secures, but, here it depends on one’s caliber, their talent and skills gained from experience.

They prefer quality not only in education but also in the food they eat. Everything is fresh and hygienic, whether it is in markets, food stalls or restaurants. Though the cost of food is bit expensive, the quality assured makes it reasonable. Contrary to what I was used to hear, I found many places that served authentic Nepali cuisines with same taste along with the cuisines from across the world. I could easily find most of Nepali food and spices in Nepali-run grocery shops here. I find no difference in food as I am eating the same dishes that I used to eat in Nepal.

What I do miss is having my pets around. I had two dogs and a cat back in Nepal and I also had reared other pets at different point of life. So as an animal lover, I feel a bit disappointed that I cannot keep any dog or cat around here. There are no stray dogs or cats around here either. And people do not like it when you touch or pet their animals. If you want to have one, then you have to register and show that you are capable to rear them. Animal rights are really strict out here. And it is a good thing because it makes sure that pets are in safe hands.

Out of everything, the thing I love about Sydney is the weather. It’s not much different than of Nepal. Temperature can go a bit high than usual but it’s endurable. But, sometimes you just cannot predict the weather her; it can change even within an hour. If it’s sunny in the morning, it can be windy or even start raining later that day. So, checking the daily weather forecast before going out; is a must.

Being an introvert by nature, it was really hard for me to make new friends; I used to shy away from making conversation. So naturally I did not have many friends when I first came here. My classmates are of different nationalities and so friendly that they have made me feel more comfortable in class and to life here in Australia. And I am loving my stay here. Different than before, now I think even a stranger can help you in need without any hesitation; you just have to ask.


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