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Published On: January 8, 2018 09:53 AM NPT By: Bhishan Hari Silwal

No reason to stop cycling this winter

No reason to stop cycling this winter

Winter can be a relentless adversary for those who love outdoors, especially cyclists. Many cyclists tend to give their bikes a rest during winters. But as your body works to keep you warm when you cycle in winters, you burn more calories than you would during other seasons. More importantly, it’s always fun to go for a little ride.

Listed below are some tips that you can follow to enjoy your ride without having to worry about catching cold. 

Layer clothing
Always make sure to wear a few layers of clothes before going out for a ride. It is important that you realize the temperature outdoors and keep your core warm. As you keep riding, you can add or remove the layers according to what your body requires. It is important that you stay warm once you start riding.

Consider your extremities 
Your hands and feet typically get cold first, as your body focuses on keeping the core warm. Don’t forget to warm up your hands and feet. Always remember a pair of gloves and warm socks. You may even wear surgical gloves under your woolen gloves to create an extra vapor layer between your hands and your gloves. Ignore the sweaty and clammy hands because it’s always better than cold hands.

Carry extra gear
Always make sure that you carry extra and essential gear. Carry two pairs of gloves, one heavier and one lighter. This way you can use the heavier ones when you cycle and the lighter one when you change a flat tire or some other work of that type. Also make sure that you carry an extra pair of socks in case you step on a puddle or a stream. 

Insulate your liquids
You might not feel warm on winter rides, but you’re still sweating and your body needs to hydrate. Get warm from the inside out by bringing hot broth or coffee along to drink. A double-insulated coffee mug or flask will keep your liquids hot and in turn, keep you warm even during freezing conditions.

Get lit
Days are short and it gets dark very early during winters. Always make sure that you carry one light with yourself and one on the bike’s handle bars when outdoors. You may also want to spend on getting a taillight so that people get to know your presence on the road.

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