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Published On: May 9, 2018 09:40 AM NPT By: Swornim Khadka

No dream is too big or too small

No dream is too big or too small

“Get addicted to talking big! Get addicted to thinking big! Get addicted to achieving the unthinkable!”  Don’t these orders sound familiar? The human mind has been trained from the very start to conform to such ideas. I know that many of us live in fear – fear to decide what to do in life, fear of what other people are thinking about us, fear of the society not accepting us for who we are – and I know so, because I am a victim of such fears too. These fears act as obstacles in our lives, constantly getting in the way of our dreams and passion. Because these fears are present every second of our life they reduce us and limit our thoughts. So I want us to remember one thing: “Body has limits, but mind is limitless.”

Everything we know of starts from the mind.  We must not lose to the fears by accepting that our thinking is limited. Life gives us many chances to prove ourselves, improve ourselves, define ourselves and most importantly, to become the best version of ourselves. And how do these things happen? It all starts in the nut-bolt, the mind.

People usually laugh at me when I talk big, and I laugh at them for being the same as the others. I was called a weirdo and I still am, sometimes. But I smile deep inside my heart and proudly pat my back for being different. Whatever makes them call me a weirdo is what makes me, me. So guys, don’t feel shy. Explore yourself and your potential. Keep going on in life as obstacles come – accept them with a smile so they come as your friend, not your enemy. Remind yourself ‘why you started this.’ Cherish the moment you are living and try not to care about what others say to you because that way you would be helping them prevent you from achieving your dreams. 

Finally, I would like to say, “Dream big! Talk big! Think big and achieve the unthinkable,” because it’s you who had the courage to think like that.

Khadka is studying in BBA IInd semester at Saraswati Multiple Campus, Thamel.

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