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Published On: September 17, 2022 02:00 PM NPT By: Republica

Nepathya Band releases a song based on five and a half decade old Manjul's composition 'Sainli Morilai'

Nepathya Band releases a song based on five and a half decade old Manjul's composition 'Sainli Morilai'


Poet Manjul's song published in a poetry composition collection from 2024 BS titled 'Sainli Morilai' was released by Nepathya Band via their official YouTube channel on Friday. 

According to a press release issued by Nepalay, Manjul was only 19 years old when he  composed the lyrics. It was only much later that it got a chance to be published in books. After Amrit Gurung, the lead singer and founder of Nepathya band, used the same lyrics in his own taste, it has now become the band's latest song.

Singer Gurung said,"Long ago, I read it in a collection of poetry. I read the composition  many times, so I had already learnt it by heart. However, the work of translating the composition into song has only been done recently.”

“About a decade ago, I too traveled to the east  following the footsteps of Manjul and Ramesh brother's poetic travel memoir 'Samjnaka Pailaharu,” Gurung added,"While walking on the goreto of Okhaldhunga, I was so thrilled by a scene that again reminded me of that old poem."

According to Gurung, amid the travel, he was heading towards Katunje after crossing Kosh Bhanjyang. At that time,  he met a newly-wed couple on the road. As they walked, the couple became Amrit's companions for a while. He tried to take a picture of the couple. While taking pictures, the excited groom suddenly put his hand on his wife's hip. At that time, the face of the newly-wed, who was dressed in a bridal dress, became pale. "That scene shocked me like this," said Gurung, "I felt as if I saw Manjul Dai's Saili Mori poem, which I had read years ago, in the scene."

According to Gurung, that antara was also composed during the same journey after seeing a waterfall on the way while climbing from Nirmali Bhanjyang in Khotang to Chakhewa in Bhojpur.Thus, this song prepared by Gurung  when he reached Sankhuwasabha in the eastern hilly corner by walking from Kathmandu a decade ago, has been performed once in a concert. It was sung by the band at the Nepathya concert held in Damak on New Year's Day only a few months ago. It was a special treat for the audience on behalf of the band in that concert held in a new environment immediately after the Covid epidemic.

Talking about the song, Poet Manjul said,"Even though I was moving from village to village with the main desire to bring social change, the folk song had a deep impact on my mind. These words were written with that feeling at that time.” 

Manjul said that he was happy after hearing this song prepared by Nepathya. "Brother Amrit has prepared and presented it with his own signature style.It has its own sweetness," he further said.

According to 'Nepalaya', which is promoting Nepathya band, nine albums of this band have been presented to the audience till now, which has completed three decades of establishment. This song is the ninth performance of the tenth album which is about to be completed in the near future. Eight of its songs are already available on YouTube.

"In the Nepali family structure that is limited to a few children, words like Sainla and Sainli have gradually become extinct," says Kiran Krishna Shrestha, team leader of Nepalaya, "Thus, the taste of creating a different social structure of a period seems to have become an additional feature of this song."

Shrestha mentioned that this song was presented with priority as a continuation of Nepathya's efforts to revive the old songs and bring them to the new generation. In this song, Gurung was assisted by Dhruba Lama on the drum set, Suraj Thapa on the keyboard, Subin Shakya on the bass guitar, Niraj Gurung on the guitar and Shanti Rayamajhi on the maadal.

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