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Published On: November 26, 2017 11:47 AM NPT By: Kiran Lama/ Sonam Lama

Need of Ballot Box

The role of being an active citizen is not only confined to owning a citizenship certificate or singing the country’s national anthem but by being an active contributor and supporter of the country’s developing phase. Elections in that is an indicator of development which brings the viewpoint of every citizen. Casting vote is the right of citizen that assembles the common view of choosing one’s government with a hopeful approach to lead the country towards the face of development.

Legislative elections being held in two phases on November 26 and December 7, 2017 will be highly remembered and embossed in the pages of Nepali history as it would be the first provincial election to elect members of the House of Representatives and the lower house of the Federal Parliament. 

Right to vote is a fundamental right. With the idea of promoting fairness and hearing the viewpoint of the voters, My City’s Sonam Lama and Kiran Lama talked to diverse peoples of different age and occupational background about the qualities they are looking in the candidates while voting and need of young representative to have headway to country’s political system through this election.

Mukesh Neupane, 27, Engineer

I see whether or not the candidate that I vote has certain expertise in his/her field before casting vote to them. It is important that one who would get the opportunity to be in influential position should possess certain qualities so that s/he can represent Nepal and Nepali in the fairest way. I think the older leaders get the hold of position and can win the elections because they have far more resources to spend for publicity during the campaigns and have more number of loyal followers enabling them to have far-reached popularity.

Sulav Gautam, 21, Student

The candidate that vote should be a simplistic person with a progressive vision. I would not vote someone who has a lavish living style because I suspect such person having reached in the policy-making position would abuse the authority and power vested upon him for the sake of enhancing just his living standards. I think the older politicians should win the election because most of them have a vast network among politically active people and even the voters are hesitant to give such a big opportunity to some beginner who has never had an opportunity to lead.

Hitendra Yadav, 43, Businessperson 

As far as possible I vote for the people that I personally know and those who have demonstrated their sincerity towards the development of our country. I can barely trust that most of the candidates would be sincere and would not indulge in unethical works such as corruption and unauthorized power play. I see the possibility of the older politicians winning the election as they know every nook and corner of the system, earn a high number of followers and have demonstrated their strengths and sacrifices in the past as well.

Suraj Raj Pandey,21, Businessperson

The reason there is no change in political structure is because people do not have the awareness, by that I mean they lack authentic political knowledge. Young voters do not research enough and are unaware of the candidates. Also they end up voting the same candidates their parents vote for, so there evidently is no change. Before I choose whom to vote, I would consider how genuine the candidate’s attitude is, go through their manifesto and agendas and decide based on their past records and deeds.

Kul Bahadur Thapa, 60, Teacher

I will vote that candidate who is suitable to be part in government and also raise the development issue and who is not self-centered but rather addresses public problem.  I can see the possibility of young candidates been elected in this election because they are comparatively energetic and enthusiastic than the older counterpart.  And since they are well educated and have new and creative ideas I believe they can serve for country’s betterment and sustainable development.

Chandika Dhungana, 46, Homemaker

I prefer the candidate who advocates for peace and prosperity of the country. And since I am from Kathmandu, I will cast vote to the candidate who proposes for progressive and practical ideas to mitigate current problems of the country. Yes, I am really hopeful for young candidate making that change because they are more qualified than the previous leaders.  But I hardly believe youths have earned a faith over the older leaders yet.

Hina Gurung, 24, Student

I would vote for the candidate who focuses on the development of basic need like education, health and sanitation. Since we are in high need for the fulfillment of basic needs today, I would cast my vote for the one who focuses on these issues as I believe these are the demand of today’s Nepal.  The young minds should be given space in this election so that it could invite a sense of competition between the old and young leaders which eventually would bear effective benefits for the country.

Alin Bhandari, 20, Student

I think that the candidate that I vote should possess all the qualities that assure equal rights and justice for all without having special favor for only certain group of people. I think the older politicians generally win in the elections because they are far more experienced and have better insight of the scenario of Nepali politics as compared to the younger beginners who are yet to be polished enough to be leading our political system.                        

Srijana Thapa, 31, Social Worker

While casting a vote to certain candidate, I try to find the most sincere candidate who has a proven experience of bringing some positive change in the society and has advocated for peace and right things. I think the older politicians have had their fair share of opportunities and platforms to show case their visions but have failed time and again. I feel surprised when they win time and again. It is probably because they have a lot more to spend in the election campaigns as seen recently so I think they win time and again. 

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