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Kripal is a Grade VII student at Sathya Sai Shiksha Sadan, Tokha.

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Published On: May 17, 2019 08:00 AM NPT By: Kripal Karki

Move On

Move On

Down and down has my ninety went,

with those remarkable potentiality all slayed.

By poor corrupted leaders,

How will development occur?

making politics, a game of fame!


Also, how will development occur?

when chair is only their target,

wanting to be dominant in market,

creating wide instability,

where unexecuted plans and policy

are exchanged with new vicinity.


As well, how will development occur?

with no any proper infrastructure?

and never with leaders, without any vision,

For to see beauties around

with no foreigners.

To see greeneries and artistically talent

with now trade initiation.

To see country's hit-point

with no materializing power.

To see problematic problems

with no solution.

But all of above, the cattle,

indeed with no shepherds.


May be the country I ought to see,

might never be.

Still with great hope,

every patriotic person like we,

will be chanting in every heart beat.

"Take a move, can do it,

Go Nepal, Go!"

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