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Moments that indicate a lover might turn out to be a dominating wife or husband in the future!

Moments that indicate a lover might turn out to be a dominating wife or husband in the future!


We know that a relationship is all about balance and equality and when a romantic relationship leads to marriage, it becomes even more important to maintain these two traits. However, sometimes it’s not possible to strike the perfect balance and there are chances that one partner might develop tendencies to dominate the other a little more than necessary. Every relationship is unique and the chemistry between the partners is their personal matter. But for some, a dominating spouse might spell trouble for their marriage. If you are careful and observe your partner’s behaviour during the courtship, you might get an idea if he or she would turn out to be a dominating spouse in the future.

When you easily lose an argument:

No relationship is complete without fights and arguments between the partners. The growth of a relationship depends a lot on how the couples handle these differences. In case, your partner concentrates more on winning an argument rather than sorting out the differences amicably, there are chances that he or she might tend to dominate in the future. In case, you easily lose an argument with your partner, this might not be a healthy sign.

When a partner gets physically abusive during a fight

This is not something uncommon—most couples when they fight might have come across situations when one partner hits the other without even realizing it. Remember, a person who has the tendency to become abusive during a fight would not take long before becoming a dominating spouse in the future if you get married.

Your partner makes all the decisions

Have you ever come across such situations where you come home and find the entire setup of a room changed? All thanks to your boyfriend or girlfriend who has a spare key to your room or house. Or, you reach a restaurant for a date only to find that reservation has been cancelled at the last moment and your partner had booked a table elsewhere without even informing you? If your partner often makes decisions without getting you involved, there are high chances that he or she would continue doing the same even after getting married.

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