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Published On: November 8, 2017 09:27 AM NPT By: Moin Uddin

Make fears your best friend

Life is full of challenges. And these challenges sometimes lead us to become a better person or break from the core self. With challenges comes a fear. Fear of unknown is something that can’t be predicted and can lead you to frustration and depression if you are inclined more into it. 

There is also calculated fear. You calculate your fear and underline how it might affect you. So more often calculated fear is something that we can come out of it anytime if things don’t go according to what you have desired. It’s an optional fear. You put options – if one plan doesn’t fair well then you can jump into other.

For me fear has been a constant friend throughout my life. Initially it was just a negative friend, however now it is a regular friend, neither too close nor too grueling – just a regular friend with whom you talk, exchange smile and move on, which doesn’t mark anything special in your heart. You forget the existence of what you just had gone through with it.
Also, there is some fear which motivates you to do something great in your life. It’s your motivating friend. Fear most often can be your turning point in your life, just like a friend who steps in your life, teaches you something great or helps you overcome your shortages and puffs you with vital energy and move on before you get a chance to thank him/her. 

That friend teaches you to just jump, deal with it, if situation demands – encourages you to fight with it – tells you to experience the moment, learn something and come out of it victoriously. 

I was passionate about radio but was unsure if I could really run my own shows. Have had only listened to other Radio Presenter and they were confident and would present it beautifully. After lots of struggle, one day I got a chance. That was my first day to be on-air, was really nervous, mind was coxed by various suggestions – some thoughts said, you can do it, some said, no, you can’t! What if you go out of mind or not be able to speak, what if your script slips from your hand while you are presenting live shows, how would you handle it and so on. 

Now, it was time, I went to the studio. I was nervous, I turned into cold, the technician gave a queue to speak and I presented the show, my voice went out from the station and reached to, too many ears. After an hour I came out. I couldn’t believe that I did it. From that moment I gained confidence in me and presented shows in different way where my listeners would like it. 

Confidence is like knowing to ride a bicycle. First you need to run it in a good way, and then eventually after knowing how it functions, later you can just modify your riding skills in any way. Similar is the case with any works you do after facing the fear. You should know how fear functions, and after mastering the functions of fear, you’ll gain confidence to deal with it in many 

make, fears, your, best, friend,

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