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Published On: March 29, 2019 11:00 AM NPT By: Moin Uddin

Losing yourself

Losing yourself

It's difficult to live in the society

Where you have your thoughts but others defines your identity

They keep saying you this and that which you're not

So just ignore them and live your life pouring tea from the tea pot. 


I can understand how you're feeling

No one understands what's going on between

Feelings and emotions these days are dwindling

But please take care of yourself as you're the precious of all those things


It's okay to go through frustration

There will be many people who will question on your identification

So just have a thick skin and move on 

As what you do to keep yourself happy is the most important things with dedication


If you be sad and want to talk then I am always there

I might be far away from you but vibes will connect everywhere

No one can define you unless you give them permission

So be strong in the times of confusion and coercion to stay brave to keep momentum.


When you feel like losing your self

Just ask who can make your life happy and brave?

It's no one other than you my friend

So bring back your soul and enjoy again to the fullest with friends and trends.


Life, Happiness,

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