Published On: October 2, 2018 08:08 AM NPT

LGBTIQ community appraises their issues to lawmakers

LGBTIQ community appraises their issues to lawmakers

KATHMANDU, Oct 2: Mitini Nepal hosted a talk program with parliamentarians on the rights of LGBTIQ community, at Indreni Foodland in Kathmandu on Sunday. Ten members of parliament joined the program for discussion.

Various issues and problems of the community were discussed on the occasion. The organizers said that despite extensive advocacy and lobbying for the community, there has not been any significant change in the lives of the community members.

“In comparison to other South Asian countries, Nepal is considered to have better advanced the cause of LBGTIQ, as the Government of Nepal has guaranteed rights such as living together, citizenship in the category of ‘other’, and protection to the community members, Kritika Thapa of Mitini Nepal said. "However, these provisions are yet to be put into practice."

Nepal government has provided citizenship to the community members but the rights that come along with the citizenship are not insured yet. They are not able to get a driving license under the ‘other’ category. Many of the community members have opted out of issuing the citizenship under the ‘other’ category because of such problems.

Issue of adoption was also discussed on the occasion. As the Government of Nepal has denied the community members a right to adopt children, they are barred from having a family of their own. Similarly, the issue of same-sex marriage was also discussed at length. 

The community asked the government to guarantee the right to marry, stating that it will provide them security as a family. The government has permitted living together, but same-sex marriage is not allowed or guaranteed yet. 

Parliamentarian Man Kumari GC stated that they would work together with the community members and ensure that the laws are implemented. "In our five-year tenure as parliamentarians, we will make sure to guarantee the rights of the communities who are marginalized," added GC.

Another parliamentarian, Prakash Rasaili said: "We will continue discussing and advocating for the issues of citizenship, same-sex marriage, domestic violence, adoption, medical facilities and education of the community."

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