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Published On: July 8, 2017 01:03 PM NPT By: Moin Uddin

Let’s live and let live

Let’s live and let live

If he doesn’t talk to anyone but himself, so what! Yes, so what sense does it make if he doesn’t talk to them who often talk the bad sides of others? Who constantly points out other people’s flaws when the group starts getting the heat of the conversation to keep flowing forward? What has he done wrong by isolating himself from these groups? Why do people say him that he has an attitude problem? Why don’t people leave him and let him be in his sound state? Does he have to be in the same group, pull other people’s leg and be among them to continue the talk?

So what if he doesn’t have any quality of the similar kind, and doesn’t want to possess any such trait? Yes, so what if he rejects being with such people? So what if he stays alone? So what if he is having a good time by himself? What is people’s problem with him?

Most of us get into such group of gossipers knowingly or unknowingly, and tend to pull others’ leg. Whenever the boss is not around, most of us start talking with our co-workers just to pump out juicy conversations, even if they are meaningless. And, most often we talk about other people, their flaws, and tend to stretch the facts unless we find some other gossip about someone else.

Most people have a wonderful time mocking about other people who aren’t around. However, if the act is reversed and you are being mocked, hate fumes and you tend to judge again. People fall into the trap of gossip and become nosy may be because they are pessimistic about life or doesn’t have the persistence to keep calm.

If one is successful, there is high probability that they are surrounded by negativity. Many of us are surrounded with haters in the form of friends, relatives, family or self. Haters come in different shapes and sizes in any forms.

In general no one can predict, but can sense the feeling of hatred. Sometimes we hate ourselves. We tend to judge ourselves. We judge ourselves too much. We judge the physical state. We get intimidated by the physicality of the surroundings. We outgrow hate in such a state that hate starts ruling our mind. We tend to see the dark side of ourselves and the silver lining of others.

We belittle every aspect of ours by comparing different persons with their popular traits. We tend to ignore the positivity within and start to participate in a war of mental chaos. We and our thoughts sometimes lose patience. We and our surroundings sometimes are in a war state at the mental zone of self. We and our beliefs sometimes contradict according to situations. We and our situations sometimes make us weak. And, we tend to lose hope.

Let’s be alone and rather be in harmony with inner self than to devalue self by discussing others’ flaws. Let’s live and let live.


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