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Published On: February 10, 2024 08:10 AM NPT By: Republica

Karma Band set to launch new album 'Hera' after a decade

Karma Band set to launch new album 'Hera' after a decade

KATHMANDU, Feb 10: Nepali musical band 'Karma', known for hits like 'Hukka Mero', 'Nali Nalai Khanna', and 'Yeti Ramri Kti Lai Aghi Nalai Janna', is gearing up to unveil a new album titled 'Hera' after a hiatus of a decade. Bijay Adhikari, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of ASQ, which oversees events and artists under Adi Group, the managing entity of Karma Band, disclosed the release of the new album 'Hera'.

"We are thrilled to present Karma to the global stage," said Bijay Adhikari, CEO of ASQ. "In this endeavor, we are honored to represent Nepal's iconic Karma Band."

Preparations are underway for the release of Karma Band's latest album 'Hera'. The recording sessions for the songs featured in the album have been finalized, and production of the music videos is in progress. The album will be unleashed following the completion of the music video production. The forthcoming 'Hera' album by Karma Band is set to comprise eight tracks, predominantly composed and written by the band's front man, Surendra Man Singh.

Previously, ASQ orchestrated a grand concert in Pokhara to mark the resurgence of Nepali musical band 'Kandara'.

'Hera' marks Karma Band's sixth studio album. The band debuted with 'Sahar Timro' in 1999, followed by the acclaimed 'Hukka' in 2000, featuring the hit track "Hukka Mero". Subsequent albums include 'SMS' (2003), 'Karma' (2007), and 'Naya Sapana' (2013), an exploration of blending Nepali melodies with western influences.

For years, Karma Band has showcased its musical prowess not only in Nepal but also to audiences across the US, Canada, Australia, Europe, Korea, and Singapore. "Our music resonates with listeners of all ages and backgrounds," shared Karma Band's front man, Surendra Man Singh. "This new album is an exciting chapter for us as we aim to connect with more listeners and fans, under the management of ASQ."

Among Karma Band's extensive repertoire, songs like 'Mauntama', 'Kaha hola Ghar Bara', 'Maryo', 'Supari Dana', 'Yani Maya', and 'Naya Sapana' have garnered significant acclaim. The band's latest single, 'Karbaree Chhata', was released last year. Comprising front man Surendra Man Singh, Karma Band also features Firoz Bajracharya and Rigjin Wangel on guitar, Anil Shakya on drums, and Ishwar Ghale on bass guitar.

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