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Published On: August 1, 2019 02:38 PM NPT By: Manju Gautam

Karishma Manandhar in dilemma for +2 studies

Karishma Manandhar in dilemma for +2 studies

Actor Karishma Manandhar, who graduated Secondary Education Examination (SEE) with a 3.0 GPA from Triveni Public School, Kathmandu has already chosen Kitini Campus, Godavari for her high school studies. However, she’s still unsure whether to choose management or humanities course.  

Due to the confusion, Manandhar has already missed six days of her college. “As I’m unsure about the course of studies whether to choose humanities or management, I haven’t been able to attend the class daily yet,” said the actor.

Despite the fact that the actor got an offer to join reputed colleges in the capital, Manandhar joined the government-run campus. “I joined Kitini Campus to disprove the misconception that only academically challenged students join the government schools. The government colleges like Kitini provide quality education. People just don’t realize that.”

Manandhar will only be going to college for four days a week because of her hectic work schedule. According to her, women quit colleges after they are married. “When a girl is married, there’s a thought that she couldn’t continue her studies because of her household works. That concept is completely wrong. No age defines the time to study and get a degree. And it’s important that every woman should be educated,” she added.

Likewise, the principal of the college, Saroj Kumar KC said that he had suggested Manandhar to study Humanities for +2. He shared, “She has already got admission at our college. As she was in dilemma to choose the stream, we have suggested her to study the humanities over management.”

Located in Godavari, the college provides +2 educations in science, management and humanities. It costs Rs 1500 per month for those who chose science stream and Rs 700 per month for management and humanities.

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