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Published On: April 17, 2019 11:00 AM NPT By: Republica

It is for you to decide. Stay Strong!

It is for you to decide. Stay Strong!

Dear Sadichha,

I am a 37-year-old married woman. I am a housewife and mother to two sons. My husband has gone abroad for foreign employment for the last 3 years. He works in an industry there. He recently told me that one of his friends died in an industrial mishap. Ever since the incident, I fear more about my husband and imagine what would happen to our kids if something happened to him. I have been asking him to come back but he’s reluctant because of our financial problem. I feel anxious day and night and I am very upset about it. Kindly suggest what should I do?

Don’t let the fear of the future spoil your present. If you start worrying about him too much, it will do you no good. Ask him to be careful when at work, which I am sure he does. I would also encourage you to look for work or maybe do income generating activities from home. There are many organizations these days that you can be associated with, if you have knitting, stitching skills. If your sons are school going students then maybe you can also look to work outside of the house as well. This way, you will share the financial burden and it may also ease him. Once you start working you will not have the time to dwell on these things which will not lead to arguments and misunderstanding.


Dear Sadichha,

I am a 25-year-old guy. I am currently working as intern in a multinational company and also pursuing my Master’s degree. Since I am the eldest son in the family I also have to deal with responsibilities associated. I used to share my problems to my supervisor at work expecting her to understand my problems and support me. But lately I realized that she shares my problems to other colleagues in negative way. I have felt the change in people’s attitude towards me. On one hand, I want to quit the job but I feel I shouldn’t let go of this opportunity as well. Kindly tell what would be the best to do?

Have you heard that line, “Don’t share your problems with other people- 20% don’t care and 80% are glad you have them.” I am not saying that everyone is like this. However, you do need to be careful who you open up to. As human being we do wish we had people who we could share our happiness and sorrows with, but often times than not, people are interested in neither. Don’t quit the job just because you feel like your colleagues’ attitude is changing. Stay strong work hard and perform well so that they see that you are doing your best despite all those circumstances. Also, now you know the nature of your supervisor, so you now know to keep it professional and not share too much details about your personal life with her. 


Dear Sadichha,

I am a 29-year-old girl. I used to work in a humanitarian organization but the project phased out and I have not been able to find a better job. Although I have reached out to various advertisements, all efforts have been in vain. Even my family and friends taunt me at times only to disappoint me more. I hope it’s just a matter of time before I find something. Please suggest me how to cope the pressure?

Next time your family or peers taunt you, ask them to find you a job or else stop complaining about something they cannot change. Don’t give up, apply to places that you can and take help of people who are already working in organizations that you would want to be a part of. They might be able to let you know of any new openings in the office or refer you to other posts that they know are open. Don’t be frustrated. Use this time instead to focus on personal growth and well-being. Do things that you would otherwise not have the time for. Make sure that you stay positive and motivated no matter how challenging times might seem. You have to realize and accept that nothing happens before time, so keep making efforts from your side and I hope something works out for you soon.


Dear Sadichha,

I am a 30-year old guy. I am currently employed as a teacher at a primary school in Kathmandu. I completed my Master’s degree two years ago. Since then I have been working as a teacher. Most of my friends from college have picked better jobs for themselves and are pacing towards establishing themselves. I, on the contrary find myself confused and unsatisfied with this job. I don’t want to quit the job yet, but I think I deserve something more challenging. What would you suggest?

If you are not happy with your job then there is no point being in one, unless that is the only option you have and cannot absolutely quit. I don’t believe that a teacher’s role is not challenging enough, I am certain that it is not easy. I have many friends and family who are in this profession and who say how fulfilling this profession is. It might not be the same for you, if it is not, then I suggest you look for a profession that actually interests you or where you see growth. If you feel like you can still do more in this job, then do sit down with your fellow colleagues and discuss the possibilities of doing more than just your job description. I am sure with the passion and need that you have to do something challenging, you will be able to bring out the best in you and your colleagues and do more.


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