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Published On: August 20, 2017 11:05 AM NPT By: Narayan Poudel

Invalid Pride

Invalid Pride

We dwell in a country
Full of natural beauty and richness
Valuable things overload it 
Water resources, forest, myriad birds, animals.

Even many creatures love to live here
Origin leaves a deep sympathy and love
Into every cells of our body
That’s why we feel proud to be Nepali.

But why do we feel so?
Could anyone give finger counted reasons?
No dearth in rules and regulations
But rules are for the common ones.

Powerful ones play over rules
Is here any sense to feel proud?
Likewise, every year landslide and flood
Make many people escape-goats.
A huge amount of blood is sacrificed
But not for god, not for people’s welfare
These are all ways for leaders to play politics 
Country-exacting many reforms.
Since history, waited and waited
Many evils evolved and dissolved
And all were in the name of people’s goodness
But sadistically all were in reality.

For dirty game players, i e the politics
Dire situations are in front of us
If we do not dare to forestall the problems
That we had in past, now and will have in future.

People have to be aware now, accumulating courage
To dismantle the demagogues who play in our names 
We are not destitute in nature and fate
Only are mired into dirty politics made sewage.

Now, let’s dare to throw it, clean it 
To make our country a heaven
Then we can only boast 
We are proud to be Nepali. 

invalid pride,

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