Deepa Dahal

Published On: August 24, 2017 08:25 AM NPT By: Deepa Dahal

Inside you it was alright

Inside you it was alright

I saw the world through your eyes
Your optimistic thinking made me eager
Very eager to see the real world,
And now I’m here mom.

Instead of thanking you for bringing me here
I am cursing myself to have been created
You gave me everything, the warmth of your arms 
Your love and mostly your youth and your beauty.

That degraded probably because of me
And mom what I got here, if you’ll know
You’ll be broken, you’ll hold me and tell
Tell not to quit, not to run and not to fall.

No, I’m not quitting mom, running is true
I want to go far, beyond the oceans
Where everything will be newer, the faces, the places,
The voices and my choices.

Going away won’t break our connected strings mom
No, I won’t let them bring us apart
You’re inside me now as my shadow
My soul is your part and your words are deep down there in my core.

I won’t quit mom, I won’t fall too but I’ll run, run away from here
Memories will haunt me 
But I have your strength so I’ll be going soon
Don’t plead to stay mom in these pits of lies.

And don’t cry too because No mom I cannot.

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